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Nov 7, 2012 4:30am PST
is helping the family find a place to stay. >>> 4:35 now. lots of traffic going on there. sal has the answer for that. >> brian and pam, there is traffic but it's not all that bad right now if you are driving around the bay area. you should have a decent drive. steve and i will be telling you about overcast and fog. as you can see from this picture here, 80 westbound we have to focus narrowly here on the east shore freeway because we can't be tilted up just be seeing a big cloud. that is the way it's going right now if you are driving through. you can see i think jj back there. he's tilting up and you can see. just disappear. there you go. thank you. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. fog is not so much of an issue here. traffic looks good. if you are driving on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is also off to a good start. here's steve. >> sal, thank you. >>> after a couple of theys of sunshine -- days of sunshine, warm weather, and record highs things are changing fast. fog is ramped up on the coast. some of that fog moving over the bay. it will be a little
Nov 7, 2012 10:00am PST
. sal: hey, welcome to our fourth annual memorial day cookout. coming up, one of my famous charcoal-broiled hamburgers and how about an all-american hot dog... and, of course, sal's homemade boston baked beans. so, how have you been? oh, so busy, you know, with my day job and some gigs at night, guitar lessons... are you still working at the factory? i'm hoping to go to college-- music school. good for you! which one? well, my first choice is the boston school of music, but i've applied to four colleges altogether. oh, all four will want you. i mean, you have such a great voice! i wish i had a talent like that. come on, you have a husband who loves you, a beautiful daughter, and your own apartment. i mean, what more could you...? you're right. i mean... i can't complain. life is good. so, what does matt think about your plans to study music? he doesn't really understand. he doesn't think i'll make it. men. they're all alike. all they think about is money... and sex. yeah. sal... how you doing? i'm excellent. nice to see you. hey, rebecca, you get more lovely every day. look at you!
Nov 21, 2012 4:30am PST
now is 6:36. it's rainy on the commute. sal is watching all the roads. how are we doing? >> we are okay. as a matter of fact, we don't have a lot of people out there. we've had a couple of wrecks already unfortunately. we haven't crashed 880 southbound as you drive to 980 there is a car that is spun out blocking a lane at least. this is a look at 80 westbound and the traffic continues to look pretty good. as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. there are no major problems coming through. but right now we also have some collisions reported on 580 and livermore valley. that is happening right now. a couple of them there. so it's probably raining pretty hard i would think through there. let's take a look at northbound and southbound 280 that traffic is light. let's go to steve. >>> good morning, sal. thank you. well our system finally got here. it lost a little bit of punch as it came from northern california by that i mean eureka and crescent city. still gusts of 40 miles an hour. it's sliding by now. but there is definitely breaks to the north. the front is sliding
Nov 21, 2012 5:00am PST
:08. sal, it was still raining hard when we came in so we know what the road conditions are. it's slippery and it's not good. >> it's not good dave and claudine. as a matter of fact, we've had a lot of spinouts. we've had a big rig that spun out. still there in the lanes. the traffic is not really busy because that is the noncommute direction. but it will be there for a bit according to chp. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza it is light coming into san francisco but you can see it's wet there. it could be raining there now. it's not i can't really tell from this picture. but certainly it is wet on the roads. and if you are driving on 237 westbound and eastbound you can see traffic is moving along okay. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. our system is moving through. our observer mike 1.18 on the rain total. it looks like the back edge of that front is moving closer. there is splash and dash activity to the north. so not done yet. there is still plenty they don't have a lot upstream but there is still come. it looks like a lot of cloud cover, fog probably misty and drizzly. but stil
Nov 19, 2012 5:00am PST
. we'll talk about that coming up in five minutes. highs today in the 60s. here is sal. >>> good morning. right now san francisco traffic looking good. no major problems coming up to the 80 split right now. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving approaching the bay bridge. it's 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. >>> all right thank you, sal. in just a few hours san jose police will be speaking out about a series of crimes that led up to an officer involved shooting. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks and another man are responsible for four armed robberies. a homicide and officer involved shooting all in one night. wilbanks was arrested friday when he and another man opened fire on two officers. one of the officers is hurt and is recovering. police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of that second suspect. alex savidge is in san jose this morning. he'll have a live report on this story coming up. >>> your time is 5:01. san jose catholic bishop personally apologized during a family mass after a convicted sex offender was
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am PST
. here is sal. intellect good morning. northbound 101 we have that fire that car fire and also a crash. watch out for slow traffic to have two lanes blocked there on northbound 101. if you want to come into san francisco use 280 instead. bay bridge already busy. it's busy early. i think a lot of people are used to getting up at a certain time. and they're at the bay bridge. the metering lights on and it's an early day. let's go back to the desk. >>> starting with developing news now. fremont police are on the scene of a deadly police shooting. it happened at 11:00 last night on central avenue near glenmore drive. i want to take a live picture there of the scene. you can see the area still blocked off to traffic. officers were responding to a domestic violence call. after arriving police say officers saw a naked man chasing his wife with a knife. police say they told the man to drop the weapon but he refused. that is when two officers opened fire. police say the wife was unarmed but taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> we're very lucky that she was able to get away. it happened s
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
fog. overall mostly sunny and partly cloudy. 60s to low 70s. here is sal. >>> we have breaking news. there is a structure fire. it is a fore plex in san rafael. very close to 101 and 580. this just came in. it looks like there is still smoke coming up from this building here. the address is 12 woodland in san rafael. again it's close to the freeway. and the fire department is on the scene. we're not sure if anyone has been injured but we do know that there is still smoke coming up from this area. we'll let you know more about this. this is highway 4 westbound you can see traffic is a little busier on the way to bay point. >>> at 6:01 fairfield police searching for a man and woman caught on tape stealing mail in a neighborhood. ktvu claudine wong is here live to tell us what the neighbors are doing to catch the suspects. >> reporter: we are standing in front of the wood lake neighborhood in fairfield. you can see behind me it's a quiet residential community. a lot of these folks here are armed with surveillance cameras and when their mail started disappearing late last week, they dub
Nov 6, 2012 5:00am PST
but cooler than yesterday and a big change coming up, here is sal. >>> good morning, westbound looks good getting to the caldecott tunnel and it also looks good on marin but if you are driving south you will see traffic because of some road work, 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> time now 5:00 let's go back to election day and polls are open two hours from now. the millions of dollars spent on ads and they all come down to this very day. the presidential ad shows mitt romney and president barack obama neck in neck in the all battleground states. they are just about to battle and then he is taking a very unusual step continuing to campaign. he then heats heads back in boston. the first lady michelle obama and president barack obama are heading home watching the election returns come in from there. we will have an election day guide to all of the key moments for when results are expected to come in. >>> both democrats and republicans are starting their last election and have ewill have more on who they are targeting. >>> campaign headquarters will be targeting voters in swing states. yo
Nov 7, 2012 5:00am PST
from san jose janine de la vega. >>> 5:09 is the time. let's go back over to sal. how is traffic this morning? maybe people sleeping in? >> you know if they stayed up late to watch all the speeches they might be. so right now we are doing pretty well. there are no major problems out there. let's go out and take a look at the east shore freeway. the traffic here that looks pretty good coming out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems getting out to the maze and the toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza we had a nice looking drive. no problems. a little bit foggy though. steve and i have been telling you about that. give yourself a little bit of extra time. and this morning in the south bay we are starting off pretty well. northbound 280 traffic looks good. northbound 880 after highway 280 there is a crash. 5:10 let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you. well, record highs monday and also yesterday. there will not be any today or for awhile. gilroy 91 degrees. san jose 80 degrees. airport 80 degrees. sfo78 degrees. just a few but impressive for this time of year. especially that
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am PST
back to the desk. >>> all right, thank you, sal. topping our news a day after election day it is four more years for president obama final results still being counted but here's the electoral map. the state of florida yellow because it remains too close to call but the president has at least 303 electoral votes. 270 are needed to win the white house. thousands of supporters cheered as the president, first lady, and daughters emerged at their victory party in the early morning hours of chicago in his victory speech president obama spoke about working with both sides of the aisle. >> we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are every forever will -- we are every forever will be the united states of america. >> the president and his family spent the night in chicago will return to the white house this afternoon. >>> mitt romney lost his bid to become president but during his concession speech he urged the nations leaders reach across the aisle and work together. he made that concession speech just after
Nov 9, 2012 5:00am PST
and the weekend coming up. good morning sal. >>> good morning. right now 2:37. traffic looks good crossing 880 as you drive over to 101. should be a nice drive but it's a little bit wet from the overnight rain. 680 traffic looks good. 5 o o'clock. let's go back to the desk. >>> well, that sound may have jolted you out of bed overnight, the sound of hail. we took this video of marble sized hail falling in the east bay, you can see large sections of the road were definitely iced over. the sound of thunder and some lightning causing a restless night for many in the bay area. drivers facing the slick roads this morning. ktvu's tara moriarty is out there on 880 where the road opened just a little while ago. >> reporter: we're at 880 and traffic is back to normal but between the hours of 2 and 4:00 this morning there were major back ups. officials say the rain slicked road play add big factor in the crash. the chp says it appears the person driving the white saturn slammed into the median at 2:00 this morning. and the driver of the suv came along and hit the saturn. the driver of the saturn was outs
Nov 12, 2012 10:00am EST
of people and who they are, and when you meet sal and you meet his family, you are just absolutely convinced that this is what america is all about. and it just makes you proud. and so this is a joyous occasion for me -- something that i have been looking forward to. the medal of honor reflects the gratitude of an entire nation. so we are also joined here today by several members of congress, including both senators and several representatives from staff sergeant giunta's home state of iowa. we are also joined by leaders from across my administration and the department of defense, including the secretary of defense, robert gates, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen. where's mike? there he is, right there. army secretary john mchugh, and chief of staff of the army, general george casey. we are especially honored to be joined by staff sergeant giunta's fellow soldiers, his teammates and brothers from battle company, 2d of the 503d of the 173d airborne brigade, and several members of that rarest of fraternities that now welcomes him into its ranks -- the medal of honor so
Nov 5, 2012 5:00am PST
. the streetcar festival lasts until sunday. >> that sounds interesting. >>> time now 5:07. sal is back. can you help the folks on the east shore, sal? >> no. okay all right. since you asked so nice, dave yes, i can. i can help everyone. we're off to a nice start on this monday as you drive around the bay area on 80 westbound and getting out. i can't help you if you don't want monday to be here. unfortunately it is here. at least we will have nice weather. steve will talk about that in a moment. the weather is not an issue for most commuters right now. it's a nice looking clear drive with no water no wet roads. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along nicely. no major problems as you come up to the bay bridge toll plaza. 5:08 hello steve. >>> hi, sal. >> nice day today. >> very nice day today and yesterday. we will go from warm possible highs to cold. one lady was saying to me phone app says we're going from 80 to 55. that can't be right. it is. santa cruz 88. cooling begins on wednesday. fog will return and then a big change on friday. a cold rain more cold than
Nov 14, 2012 5:00am PST
and it will be on the mild to warm side with a few low, even a couple of 70s and here is sal. >>> traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise with no major problems and the morning commute looks good as you drive into the city with no major problems on the span. >>> late night explosion and fire inside san francisco city hall. the smoke spread through the building including the rotunda. claudine wong is there and pg&e is there trying to get power back, what is going on claudine? >>> you can hear the hummers. >> reporter: they do have power and let me show you what is happening now. you have two pg&e crews. let me take you up the steps of city hall. they are basically on the side of st. hall and they have two big generators and that hum is working over time. we have seen crews set up in and around that area and i asked when they would be back and he said he would not know and they tried sent somebody out to talk to us. we know this work has been going on all night. let me show you video from the scene. this all started at 9:30 and this was in the basement of city hall. it did set off the sprinklers. >> w
Nov 6, 2012 4:30am PST
fire out in livermore sal? >> yes. that's right it started in north livermore avenue so far it has not grown into a big fire so take care when you are driving on that section of 580. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. and today since it is election day some people may be getting up to highway 17 is a nice looking drive as you drive down to san jose. good clear, if you enjoyed monday you will see a different breeze, hill all inland temperatures will be really close. really close. you can see the demolish ever high pressure over us, most location say southwest at 5 to see if that changes 49 will be closest to the coast on the lows and it starts to carry. a lighter breeze chilly roads inland upper 70s and then clouds roll in and we have a big dramatic pattern and it is not a sold out kind of system and it will be cold and rainy on friday and sunny and the mornings will be chilly, chilly. pam? >>> it continues in the northeast and we will have more on how officials are trying to make vote being easier. >>> we will tell you where the troubled the spots are in this early commu
Nov 8, 2012 4:30am PST
's take a quick look at traffic, good morning, sal. >>> we are doing well around the bay area, a little windy and cold out there, we will address that in just a moment and we will look at the commute on 80 westbound and it looks good as you head out to the mcarthur maze. 880 westbound, no major problems coming into the city and no problems getting onto the bridge and if you are driving on san jose freeways, northbound 885, we are off to a good start, here is mark. >>> temperatures are cooling off, so our weather pattern continues to change, transitioning to a wet weather pattern, you can see some showers and it will be spreading to the south as we move to the early part of the afternoon. temperature and fran 83 and oakland airport has a wind gusts up to 35 this cold weather system will continue to cool things often mainly into the lower 50s and returning to the bay area today we do bring in a chance of a few thunderstorms. you will notice this, approach being some parts of the coastline and this moves across the central portion of the bay and it targets the south bay and by 8:00 and 9
Nov 13, 2012 4:30am PST
for new ideas and they will meet to discuss prop 30's pass and. here is sal for a look at the commute. hi, sale. >>> i don't think you will have the same thing, everybody was observing veterans day as they were boarding the art art. also boarding the westbound bay bridge, it is still very light. this morning there is a little bit of road work in the area of 92 watch for slow traffic approaching peninsular avenue. 4:37 let's go to steve. >>> good morning everybody, mostly clear, a few high clouds taking aim at the north bay overall it is going to be a mostly sunny day. it is cold inland 34 napa, 49 in san francisco, an easterly breeze helping some on the coast, but a warmer pattern has started and we will top it out on wednesday. we will keep an eye on the system over here which looks like we want to get off to a good start, temperatures are on their way but it is tough to warm up. easterly president, that means the coast warms up. warmer in san francisco than in antioch, why are and we will cloud it up friday, more likely as we head into the weekend it will be a cloudy day and rain develo
Nov 14, 2012 4:30am PST
and northbound 280 right through the downtown area, that is a nice looking drive, let's go to steve. >>> sal, my dad is watching this, and he will verify this, but i remember 19-cents per gallon for gas and they gave away steak knives. i remember back in the day when i was a kid. i remember. >>> now because of the some higher clouds, look at oakland 54, what? 55 in san francisco, another nice day along the coast, not as cold inland and instead of we had a few cold mornings and it needs to get a little kicker. it will work through thursday into friday. very mild conditions and for this time of year it is actually kind of warm but if you go out for a walk or hike you better do it by 3:00 because that sun starts fast a off the high clouds over us no big deal. watch the clouds starting to increase, this is late thursday, take it overnight into friday, this will be a warm system 0 coming in. that easterly breeze looks nice on the coast. i couldn't stop putting it in the 70s. and on friday timing may be tough but cloudy skies working into -- working rain into the weekend, pam. >>> plans for the arena
Nov 27, 2012 11:00pm PST
sannen sal mow store. -- sannen sal mow store. the photos from that time are amazing. >> we are very resilient. we hope for the best. >> reporter: tonight the creek is low and the city has been keeping it clear of debris. but just in case, every downtown business has wooden flood gates held in place with metal brackets to keep the water out. >> if it does flood, the precaution is to get the books for -- to get the books three feet off the ground. >> reporter: the sanitation district will be keeping a close eye on its aging sewer pipes to make sure more spills don't happen like this one in early november. rains caused one pipe to spill covering the hillside with 88,000 gallons of raw sewage. >> i can't guarantee there will be no more sewer spills in the area. i can guarantee that our crews and the persons in this district will be doing everything they can to mitigate that. >> back live at the sand bag station. they will be monitoring the manhole covers and checking sewer lines as well. officials will be working for the next three days monitoring the creek levels. especially if they st
Nov 28, 2012 12:00am PST
she lost everything in her downtown sannen sal mow store. -- sannen sal mow store. the photos from that time are amazing. >> we are very resilient. we hope for the best. >> reporter: tonight the creek is low and the city has been keeping it clear of debris. but just in case, every downtown business has wooden flood gates held in place with metal brackets to keep the water out. >> if it does flood, the precaution is to get the books for -- to get the books three feet off the ground. >> reporter: the sanitation district will be keeping a close eye on its aging sewer pipes to make sure more spills don't happen like this one in early november. rains caused one pipe to spill covering the hillside with 88,000 gallons of raw sewage. >> i can't guarantee there will be no more sewer spills in the area. i can guarantee that our crews and the persons in this district will be doing everything they can to mitigate that. >> back live at the sand bag station. they will be monitoring the manhole covers and checking sewer lines as well. officials will be working for the next three days monitoring t
Nov 5, 2012 4:30am PST
caused the boat to overturn. >> very lucky indeed. >>> 4:38 now. let's go to sal with a quick look at traffic. >> good morning. good morning, pam. right now traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area if you're getting up nice and early and want to get a good commute it should be nice for you on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. nice looking drive getting into san francisco with no major problems and no trouble if you are driving rob any of the other bridges. we're looking at a live picture of san jose and northbound 280 traffic looks good. let's go to steve. >>> sal, don't you love we're back on standard time? >> i like it. this morning it just feels good. >> thank you, sir. good morning. well, i came in and said to ron, guess what is the warmest place going to be today. he said livermore. i said think the other way. it will be san francisco over to santa cruz. the warming continues. we will go from 88 to 80s by the end of the week. it will be a big, big change from o
Nov 16, 2012 4:30am PST
but for about $100. >>> let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. hey sal. >> good morning, pam. happy friday to you. traffic is doing pretty well. we are going to have some wet weather for the commute and that may effect your driving. let's take a look at what we have so far it's dry on the east shore as you head out to the mccarthur maze. it's nice looking drive and we've been checking with chp. we don't see a lot going on right now. that will change if the wet weather does get here. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. this traffic is light getting into san francisco. and if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. it's 4:38 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. our system is getting very close. rain is just off the coast and a couple light showers sprinkles in advance of it. setting the stage for what looks to be a cloudy rainy day off and on. we have the first system right there. and then the low has to swing in. this whole mess is heading right over us and we'll set up shop and you'll see right off the shore. an
Nov 20, 2012 7:00am PST
about the possibilities for a cease-fire. >>> it's 7:07. we want to check in with sal for an update on a terrible situation on caltrain, a train fatality. >> that's right. caltrain, major delays this morning because train number 103 northbound hit a pedestrian in palo alto, a lot of people were taken off the train and they are being put on buses. a lot of these people are very late to work and the train is stopped here on the tracks northbound. now, the southbound trains are moving through. but it is going to be pretty slow going and caltrain has major delays. there are those people who are -- i don't know what they are waiting for but perhaps they are waiting to get on the bus here that's gonna take them to the next caltrain station. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's bocked up all the way -- backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing. that major problems getting into san francisco once on the bridge itself. we talked about 101 and highway 1, a little bit of slowing here. if you are driving on the peninsula, highway 101 looks good all the way up to san francisco. 7:0
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am PST
are the only exceptions to that chain requirement. sal and also rosemary will bring you an update on the weather conditions and the road conditions. that's coming up in five minutes. >>> also happening, despite the rain and cold, hundreds of people are out there lined up at the sacred heart service in san jose. they've been out there all night. ktvu's janine de la vega is out there with more on what they're waiting for. >> reporter: these people have an hour and a half until the doors open at sacred heart community services. all these people are waiting to register for the holiday give away. they have set up tents and are sleeping on the wet sidewalks. some had chairs and had an umbrella and were just huddled up in the blankets. we were told by a spokesperson from the nonprofit that the first person in line was waiting at 11 yesterday morning and since then the line has grown to 150 people. the main draw for them is to make sure they need to register to receive toys for their children for christmas because there's only a certain amount that sacred heart will be giving away. the no
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am PST
from petraeus. >>> pam, time now 6:08. our commute is rough on the bay bridge. major problems. sal, show us what is going on. >> we have a little bit better news. news chopper 2 watched as the crash was cleared out. look at the backup we have. this is actually the bridge the incline section of the bridge getting on to san francisco and it's terrible. this is because of an earlier crash that temporarily blocked all the lanes as they had to get the cars out. now this traffic is going to take awhile to unwind here. westbound getting into san francisco and i want to show you a different view. chopper is up there showing us the bridge. look how slow it is from our toll plaza angle. it's at a standstill. if you are trying to get into san francisco this backup will last awhile. let's move along and take a look at 80 westbound. it didn't do a lot of damage to the pinole and richmond commute. i would still leave a little early if you could. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. happy friday. our first system moving on shore. well the first part of it. we have to wait for this will be the m
Nov 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
some was lingering through and 60s on your temperatures, here is sal. >>> traffic in the east bay has been affected by a 6 car crash right on north livermore avenue and this crash is slowing traffic into the livermore valley. six other cars may have played a role we are thinking it did. tara moriarty has more on how the wet weather is affecting roads, tara? >> reporter: good morning, sal, it's not raining but the roadways are still slick from the rain so you better slow down for your morning commute. right now most of the rain seems to be concentrated in the south bay. walnut creek is getting the biggest dose of it and in oakland and jackson on the off ramp. rain is expected and hopefully don't break suddenly because you want to avoid an accident in these conditions. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> two small children were hit while trick or treating and police are questioning the driver. claudine wong is in santa rosa with what police are saying and also what the weather was like at the time of the accident. claudine? >> reporter: well, pam let me give you a look at
Nov 2, 2012 4:30am PDT
. >> i think everyone in my house wants one. >>> let's go see what the roads are like. sal, how does it look? >> on friday it always looks better. doesn't it? >> yeah. >> it does look a little better. it's doing pretty well as you drive around the bay area. it looks very nice. heading out to the mccarthur maze and continuing out to an uncrowded bay bridge toll plaza. trying to get into san francisco it looks pretty good. no major problems on the lower deck. on the upper deck is where most people go. this is northbound 280 right now traffic is moving along very nice. let's go to steve. >>> happy friday, sal. >> same to you. >> thank you. good morning. a little chill in the morning. i wore a jacket in and a couple members of the crew and in the control room over here a couple people are saying what are you doing wearing that big coat? well it's cold. a lot of higher clouds are move into the north but it's a dying system. there is not a lot to it. it looked good yesterday. however, after the recent rain, this time of year, the nights are long i. areas of fog. higher clouds will probably
Nov 8, 2012 5:00am PST
to right around 62 degrees. and sal right now has an update on traffic. >> you can feel it especially if you are in a small car across the bridges. you can see traffic moving along well, it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> at 5:00, we are tracking developing news, a hazmat scare in burlingame, carbon-monoxide was found, what is going on tara? >> well, officials have let the second and third floors get back into their rooms in order to get their belongings and if you take a look behind me, psych the windows are still open here. those folks have actually been coming out after getting into their rooms and they are packing up their cars and heading out. there are hundreds more who are still out in the cold. firefighters tell us this all began when head to transport them to the hospital near the san francisco international airport and we don't know if their ill necessary is re-- illness is related to carbon- monoxide was reported. a faulty boiler led to that league but they sampled the air, and they evacuated the building about 1,000 people because this hotel was booked. >> our fir
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am PST
later this afternoon, highs mainly in the 60s, here is sal. >>> traffic will be light so far and we come to concord, it is already busy but not stop and go. also the commute looks good across the bay, 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> new this morning, just hours ago a fire raced through a bar in salon know -- salvano county. >> reporter: they are putting out some hot spots behind me and a fire broke out around 2:45 this morning. heavy flames could be seen outside of the rear and then spread inside. this went to a two alarm and they plea of it may be the work of an arsonist. >> off and on we have had a rash of suspicious fires. we had one with a residential building that was vacant. that is under investigation and also deemed suspicious. >> -- >> reporter: now last night after 8:00 that fire he was talking about happened 3 or 4 houses down and caused quite a bit of damage and they saw a pattern and they will tell you a reason why they are all connected coming up. over the past 8 months there have been at least 30 fires started in the city of vallejo. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am PST
later today, upper 60 and we will talk about this rain coming up in about five minutes, here is sal. >>> good morning, highway 4 is getting slow especially on the way to antioch and pittsburgh. 880 so far looks good driving up to downtown oakland let's go back to the desk. >>> tara moriarty is there in vallejo with the damage caused by the fire and why it may be part of a much larger investigation pam. police and fire are working together and they believe it is connected to a rash of fires that have been springing up through the city. it happened less than three hours ago. smoke and flames were shooting out of the bar where investigators believe somebody started it 3:00 a.m. this morning. the blaze caused $50,000 in damage. head to cut a hole in the roof and the flames melted the pool tables and beer signs inside. agencies from outside came in to help and they believe this latest work is the help of an arizona any of the. we tonight have any real reason. i can't speculate i tonight know why or what. >> reporter: now another fire broke out in an empty house off of alabama street and
Nov 22, 2012 5:00am PST
and jetstream is going north for a while. 60s on those highs here is my friend sal. >>> good morning, as you cross 880 not a bad drive, a lot of people have the day off and chp doesn't, just a word of warning. and 580 in panola, our news crew was there at the accident scene shortly before 4:00 a.m. and one person was hurt and it took about an hour for chp crews to clean up, they still don't know what caused this crash. let's go back to the desk. >>> bay area charities are busy and they are preparing holiday meals to make sure nobody goes without this thanksgiving day. live in the salvation army, i can smell the food, alex and i know volunteers are working hard this early in the morning. >> i wish you could smell what it smells like here. it started to smell delicious and they have a lot going on this morning. they have 5,000 meals they are trying to get ready. those are the yams and they are working on the gravy, chef, you are in charge of this operation here. >> we are all in charge of this operation. >> team effort. >> what does it take to prepare 5,000 meals? >> a lot of work and a lot o
Nov 16, 2012 5:00am PST
. we'll explain why coming up in five minutes. here is sal. >>> steve, right now san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise. the traffic will be effected by today's rain. so please plan accordingly. westbound bay bridge the traffic is still at the speed limit. now at 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> breaking news we first told you about at 4:30. police in vallejo arresting a 14-year-old boy for a brutal attack on a 65-year-old woman. claudine wong is in vallejo with all the details of a kidnapping and attack and demand for ransom. >> reporter: let me show you where we are. we are at hidden broke parkway and interstate 80. there is not much here. there is a parking lot and an entrance to a subdivision. but we have come here because this is where the 65-year-old victim was found. she was duct taped. she was unconscious. but there is traffic through here and apparently some passer byes saw her and called for help. when police talked to her they learned she was a victim of an agree january and sexual assault in a kidnapping that started last night. she was fou
Nov 19, 2012 6:00am PST
you sal. topping our news a man hunt is under way in the south bay for the second suspect of a violent crime spree and police shooting. now you're looking live at the 7-eleven. this is where a memorial has been set up to remember the 22- year-old victim who was killed when the suspects tried to take his car. now that was just one of the violent crimes police say the men were involved in friday night. one of the suspects is 26-year- old jonathan wilbanks. he was arrested. the men were also involved in four armed robberies before firing shots at officers. one officer was injured. a 10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the second suspect. ktvu alex savidge will have more on this investigation coming up at 6:30. >>> new details in a homicide investigation we told you about in the last hour. three people not one had been arrest for killing a man at a camp site saturday night. now officers say the victim was a 51-year-old homeless man. he died near depot park. the santa cruds centennial say the two men and woman were booked for murder, conspi
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
. >> good thing she doesn't clean out her car. i just vacuum it up. >> wow. >>> time now 5:17. sal, we're going to throw it to you. >> hold on i need to go out to my car. [ laughter ] >> yeah go check your receipts. >> let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well. let's go out to san francisco and check out northbound 101. getting top the 80 split looks pretty good be no problems in southbound 101 as you can see it's a nice looking drive. also the morning commute on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge looking good to the peninsula in case you get to san francisco airport. it should be a nice drive to you. in san jose the traffic looks good getting up to the -- on to the peninsula on 101. we just talked about that. across the bay in hayward it's a nice drive. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. a very happy friday morning. we do have patchy fog forming. livermore is reporting fog. napa airport. santa rosa. tends to pop up here. patchy fog much, much cooler hire. we are seeing a lot of 40s on the temps. sun and clouds. there will be more cloud cover to the
Nov 15, 2012 1:40am PST
's questions are as easy as the ones his students have been asking him. please welcome sal olivo. hey, sal. >> hi, thank you. nice to meet you, meredith. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> so what kinds of questions are your students asking you?nt, >> i had a student ask me, "mr. olivo, mount rushmore, is that natural or did somebody have to create it?" as if it was discovered. >> really? >> yeah, i had one guy who really wanted to know about the day that the world went to color, like it was always in black and white, and then one day, it was in color. he wanted to hear about that day. >> how old are your students? >> high school. >> high school? >> yeah, unfortunately. >> oh, my gosh. you've got your job cut out for you, don't you? wow. well, what kind of teacher are you? >> history. social studies. >> history. okay, well, we often have history questions on this show, so hopefully you'll get some of those. your wife is here, rebecca, your brother tom, and grandma lucy is here as well. so nice to see you all. [applause] all right, sal, let's see the money in your round 1. >> all right. >
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am PST
:5, the president's vatgy on getting -- the president's strategy on getting this fixed. >>> sal, you've had your hands full this morning. >> yeah, things are finally beginning to settle a lot bit, dave and tori. yeah, we had a couple of early problems that made the commute rough. it has not been all that bad when it comes crashes. we've had a few -- comes to crashes. we've had a few. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute wait. it's not quite as crowded as i thought it would be. and contra costa county, we had some problems on antioch 4. getting out to concord. 7:09, let's go to steve. sunrise over the big, big city. we have a few clouds overall. on the coast, it's on the mild side. a lot of 50s in san francisco. mostly sunny, warmer today. it will be warmer tomorrow. i know the days are very short. by the weekend, clouds start to roll in. timing a little difficult. more likely sunday into monday. the 15-day outlook looks wet. except for a few high clouds, we're good to go. 60s or 70s for gilroy. santa cruz for 74. and then napa from 6 to 67. it's tough to -- 63
Nov 21, 2012 7:00am PST
. sal is tracking the accidents on the bay area roadways this morning. >>> a man slips off a cliff and falls to his death. >>> and a terrorist attack in tel aviv happened hours ago. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's november 21st. >>> it's one of the busiest travel days of the year, especially at bay area airports. ktvu's christien kafton is live at sfo with what you can expect if you are getting ready to head out the door to catch a flight. >> reporter: good morning. i will tell you one thing, everyone traveling today can expect big crowds. take a look. you can see there's still some wet roads left over from the rain we had last night into this morning. a lot of activity here at sfo. as we come on inside the terminal, you can see that activity carries on inside the airport here. you can see that crowds are now starting to build here. we're at the -- we're in terminal 2. this is the virgin airlines. the rain we saw this morning, not slowing down people's plans to travel. we saw a lot of p
Nov 12, 2012 5:00am PST
sunny, partly cloudy skies, otherwise look for a gradual warmup, mainly 60s, here is sal. >> it looks good getting out to the high-rise, and also the morning commute is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza, let's go back to the desk. >>> two men from concord are lucky to be alive after their car fell from a freeway overpass. here is more on what police say caused this crash. good morning, alley. >>> two people were able to walk away from this virtually uninjured. it happened in panola directly behind us on the southbound side. a driver crashed through, fell off the bridge and his car landed completely upside down in the far lane of interstate 880. they arrested the guy on suspect -- suspicion of drunk driving. he declined to go to the hospital after the accident. for most of the overnight hours, they worked to repair a 20-foot section of that barrier that collapsed during the crash. police are investigating the exact circumstances and they believe the driver was coming south, just exited the freeway, and then over shot that turn tried to make a crash and they finished that repair
Nov 22, 2012 6:00am PST
sunshine and we have a little bit warmer temperatures, here is sal. >>> i do want to mention, there seems to be a objecting and of bp -- lock and and there could be some delays and i will let you know about highway 17. >>> charities are already hard at work preparing thousands of meals. take a look this is what woulded like. volunteers will deliver the meals right to the door steps and one of the voluntary chefs said it is a labor of love. >> reporter: what is it like? >> it is a lot of love and we have been cooking turkeys around the clock. >> they expect 5,000 people and meal deliveries will start at 8:00 this morning. >> now there are other places serving. and the first seating 21st and the second one, noontime and they will be holding a dinner at 1:00 p.m. and everyone is invited. >>> new this thanks giving, many -- thanksgiving, many food banks are struggling to come up with increased demand. many have cut contribution to food banks and coming up can could major healthcare object poe let. and ktvu channel 2 morning news lore raining blanco -- lorraine blanco is live outside the best
Nov 13, 2012 4:00am PST
by san jose, here is sal. >>> traffic is doing well, here is sal. >>> if you are stating off very early we think you will have a reward for that, here is sal. >>> traffic continues to look good if you are driving 80s on westbound. >>> and traffic is moving along nicely coming into san
Nov 19, 2012 4:30am PST
. >>> thank you, sal. good morning, everyone. well, well not too shabby of a system friday night. that one really delivered. the one that came in early sunday late saturday intense for awhile and that was it. the pattern stays to the north. we'll get a lot of clouds today. rain will be up north of mendocino county. so it's not going to be that cold. to some people it's chilly this time of year. mostly cloudy i think farther south better opportunity. better opportunity for a cloudy day. there is a lot up here. it will drag across lifting a little bit. it will sweep in here late tuesday and wednesday. and then thursday looks good. so clouds and sun today. mostly cloudy to the north. rain in santa rosa and napa. but more likely tuesday rain will pick up late tuesday and early wednesday. clouds and sun very mild. temperatures today on the mild side in the mid 60s. really not this time of year the days are so short. with that cloud cover it's hard pressed. mostly cloudy tuesday. rain comes in late. we'll take that into early wednesday and clear it out. thursday looks good. is thursday important
Nov 21, 2012 12:00am PST
, and aunt chippy and cousin sal. you're being invaded. >> hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: joseph, nice to meet you. thank you. that's my dad, jim. my aunt chippy. >> chippy. >> jimmy: my cousin sal. >> it would be nice if i could see you. hello. i knew it. >> jimmy: we're off to a flying start. >> i knew it. why i got the ball in front of my face. where am i going to go? >> jimmy: all right. >> should we do that again? i'm sal. >> i'm the world. >> jimmy: right. we're excited. my father and i will be representing the kimmel side of the family. and aunt chippy and sal, the icano side. >> i have the kimmel side. >> jimmy: tell me where on the globe we're from. right here? >> on that freckle. one of the questions i found was fascinating to learn. we have your greatgrandfather, frank kimmel. he was born in 1880 in new york. and he is listed as the son of christian and theresa kimmel. as we big further, we actually found that christian and theresa kimmel didn't marry until 1886, six years after frank's birth. >> get out of here. that's [ bleep ]. doesn't matter. we evoluded over here. >> jimmy: apparen
Nov 12, 2012 4:30am PST
food as well at some of the shelters will be handed out. >>> let's check in with sal for a look at the traffic tis morning. >>> we are off to a nice start on this monday and i can't complain too much. 80 westbound is looking good as we head out to the mcarthur maze, it is a miss drive from this area and here it is absolutely clear and light and also northbound 280 traffic getting to highway 17, steve? it was a 3 dog night. and the system coming in now is really weak. we start off with 30s and 40s. if it was not for the breeze we would be colder. antioch livermore and even though the days are short and they will spin into some clouds to the north and really this is going to fall apart. slightly apartment arer 60s on the temperatures, everybody is really close here, the lows are cold, it will be in the 30s and a little bit warmer as we go into thursday. when will this system move in here, we have pretty of days to work it.$♪>>> an event is happening today in the event of helping homeowners stay in foreclosures. >>> and this traffic is looking good heading west, we will tell you
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
cite people for a code infraction when they -- they leave the likes unlock and unintended. >>> sal is watching your commute. sal, can you take care of the folks? >> that's right, dave and tori. traffic is busy all over the place. we're starting off this time with a look at the contra costa county. there was a crash near treat. that's long gone but traffic has been slow and steady the whole time. if you are driving through there, give yourself extra time 0 -- time. 80 westbound is beginning to slow and then 880 down fremont and 680 is slow. out to the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 25-minute delay. a little thicker today than yesterday. this morning if you are driving into the santa clara valley, the freeways are busy. 7:25. let's go to steve. >>> well a spectacular sunrise. as william said, a red sky in the morning. that's true. we have a system coming in. cool to mild. i mean there's some inner 30s, near 40s in san francisco and san francisco it's on the mild side. a lot of the clouds will continue to thicken up. fair feel, 39 yet, 54. i've seen w
Nov 20, 2012 4:30am PST
, the first game, what do you think, sal? >> well, it sounds like a quarterback controversy, of course there has never been one of those, right? >> right. >> good morning. traffic is moving along well as you drive on 880 westbound and that means we will going to be there where you don't expect them. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, light in san francisco, in major problems if up to highway 17, at 4:30 hello steve. >> i turned it off at quarter after. >> well, it was donement thank you. and the wind has cranked up and and they say livermore and 48 and they have a northeast wind so most locations have a southerly breeze. 58 mountain view, 58 and that will and it is coming up from the south and as you spoke about it, there are no reports from lake county and it is starting to define itself and it looks like it will blast through quickly and for some it will not be overnight tonight. and the north bay could see one to two inches out of this and we have rain for parts of the north bay and you have rain and i saw one place that had low 60s. range tonight, then it is out of here and whe
Nov 21, 2012 6:00am PST
to go remember it is rainy, wet, and dangerous driving. sal, you will be busy all day. >> we have a lot of slow traffic everywhere dave and claudine. we are starting off this time with the east shore freeway and people are slowing down. we also have had a lot of just solo spinouts where people lose control of the car. just give yourself extra time as steve mentioned we will get a little bit of a break or the system is moving out. and that is great for drivers. westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza there is a little bit of a delay. the metering lights are not on yet. a little bit of a backup. if you are moving to the south bay southbound 101 near oakland roads there is a crash but northbound 101 is slow on the approach to the airport. if you're trying to get to san jose airport i would suggest using interstate 880. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. it does look like our system moving through. judy down in santa clara i love waking up to the sound of rain. last night same thing. rain pounding on the skylight. oakland inch and a half. richmond inch and a third. there was de
Nov 29, 2012 4:30am PST
efficient. >>> it seems we have a bit of a break but tara is in for sal and fortunately there is an accident in -- unfortunately there is an accident in napa. >>> yes, we also have an accident in the east bay to show you and this is in oakland and 880 northbound, we have a car that is blocking, somebody stalled and somebody else came along so it is a hit-and-run and we will keep an eye on that for you. you can see the traffic is flowing nicely and we have a hi wind in effect and traffic is flowing well in both directions on 280. >>> we are getting a little bit of a break here, we still have very light showers, a little midst to the north, but the front is up here and it is going to move a little slower this time and late tonight into friday, so we have a couple more systems to go. this is a day where you can get a break but in this series, we will take it into sunday and next week look likes a much calmer pattern and by monday we will be on the dry side of all of this, 58 in hood wood and it will be a -- haywood and for us it is just a mild shower pattern and some is towards mendocino and to
Nov 5, 2012 7:00am PST
:09. sal, you've been rather busy on this monday morning. >> yeah, it was busier earlier dave, you are right. things are starting to get a little bit better and we do have some slow traffic out there as well. let's go out to the commutes. livermore, 580 westbound coming in from livermore, but it stays slow in dublin. as we look at the east shore freeway kind of slow from pinole to richmond and then highway 4 in eastern contra costa county, slow in antitook and over the hill to bay point. 24 looks okay between walnut creek and oakland. bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 25-minute delay. once you make it on the bridge, it does look good. >> i almost forget, steve. >> we're waiting for the train to go by. northbound 280 traffic a little bit slow getting into the valley. >> let's go to steve. >>> it's already mild for some. a lot of 60s up and down the coast. today will be one of those days where the record highs are set closer to the beaches. it's gonna be an interesting week, topsy-turvy. we'll go from very warm to very cold on friday. my smartphone weather app for som
Nov 8, 2012 7:00am PST
'm sure they will be busy for the holidays. >>> let's check in with sal, see what's happening out there. you've been busy out there. >> that's right we've had a bunch of slow traffic. i want to show you 280. we told but that accident at the lawrence expressway. and we said this would start backing up into san jose very quickly and true to form, here we are, back independent almost all the way up to 101. i want to put it on the map to show -- to show you what's going on. this is the problem we're talking about. northbound 280 and the slow traffic we just showed you. also, 87 has been slow because of an earlier crash, not only in the south bay do we have slow traffic. it's slowing on 880 southbound from 288 from fremont. and interstate 680 from concord to walnut creek and also slow on highway 4. we had an accident on the bridge. but that's gone. it's backed up for about 20, 30 minutes. >>> let's go to mark tamayo. just beautiful out there this morning. we have cloud cover, breaks in the clouds. no rainfall but that will be changing. it has been an exciting week forecast-wise. we started o
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